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The Ardennes

When we first moved to Belgium and discovered how utterly flat it is, I started asking around for places to go for hikes. Well, apparently in this part of Belgium a “hike” is not so realistic- a nice walk perhaps, or a stroll, but not a hike. The place that everyone kept recommending was the Ardennes. At first I was a little unclear about what the Ardennes were- a city? a mountain range? A general area? The Ardennes is a forested area in southeastern Wallonia (the French speaking part of Belgium), including the Ardennes mountains and the basins of the Meuse and Moselle rivers. I have so far taken two trips to the Ardennes and enjoyed both thoroughly- it is such a beautiful area with natural charm and cute old towns with unique character. There are hiking trails, monasteries, caves and gardens and It is also the home to several abbey breweries. I highly recommend the area and hope to go back again soon!

Givet, on the River Meuse
Citadel in Givet, France
Hiking to Maredsous Abbey
Maredsous Abbey


Beautiful autumn day at the Chimay Abbey
Abbaye Notre-Dame de Scourmont (Where they make Chimay)


Jardins d’Annevoie
Dinant Citadel and Cathedral


Coques de Dinant

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